Wine Village Planning

The Wine Village Core Area Concept Plan

Situated between Oliver’s downtown commercial and mixed use areas and the banks of the Okanagan River is an area identified in the Town of Oliver’s Official Community Plan (OCP) as the Wine Village Core Area.  

The Wine Village Core Area Concept Plan provides an overall site development scheme and set of design guidelines for the area designated as the Wine Village Core Area in the Town of Oliver.  The Plan identifies and builds on the qualitative characteristics found in an around Oliver at present and which have evolved through its history.  As such, it acknowledges Oliver’s rural, agricultural, cultural, natural, tourism and historical identity.

The Wine Village Core Area is largely comprised of low density commercial properties as an existing RV campground located on the shore of the Okanagan River Channel.  Lands within the Core Area are a combination of both public and privately owned lands.

The Wine Village Core Area Concept Plan is intended to assist the Town, Council, developers and designers in achieving solutions for developing new or refurbishing existing buildings that will enhance adjacent public space and contribute to the urban and architectural character of the area and the public’s use and enjoyment of it.  In addition, the Plan is also used as a reference to evaluate relevant land use applications during the development approvals process. 

Public Process

The Town invited residents to be involved in developing a design vision for the future of Oliver’s Wine Village area. In addition to an initial stakeholders (May 2008) meeting with nearby property owners, the Town hosted two widely-advertised public open house opportunities (July and September 2008) to obtain input and hosted a public hearing prior to adoption of the guidelines into the Official Community Plan. 

The first of two community meetings for this project was held on July 10, 2008, with approximately 120 members of the public in attendance. The project team reviewed 16 design panels describing the history of the project, the study area, scope and vision for the area prior to answering questions and receiving comments from thoise in attendance. 

The panels displayed at the July 10, 2008 open house can be viewed by clicking on the titles in the following list:

  1. Project History
  2. Project Scope
  3. Project Vision
  4. Site Regional Context
  5. Site Context and Character
  6. Architectural Character
  7. Study Area
  8. Concept Diagram
  9. Architectural Concept
  10. Development Statistics
  11. Urban Design Illustrative Plan
  12. Urban Design Analysis
  13. Site Sections
  14. Preliminary Sketches
  15. Preliminary Sketches (continued)
  16. Existing Tree Location Plan

The second community meeting was held on September 17, 2008. Display panels from this session can be viewed by clicking on the titles in the following list:

  1. Project Vision
  2. Goals and Design Guidelines
  3. Goals and Design Guidelines (cont’d)
  4. Architectural Concept
  5. Development Statistics
  6. Urban Design Illustrative Plan
  7. Urban Design Analysis
  8. Urban Design Sketches
  9. Architectural Design Sketches
  10. Architectural Design Sketches (cont’d)
  11. Architectural Design Sketches (cont’d)
  12. Architectural Design Sketches (cont’d)
  13. Architectural Design Sketches (cont’d)
  14. Colours and Materials
  15. Sustainability Design
  16. Road and Trail Cross Sections
  17. Design Guidelines

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