Oliver Airport North End Runway Extension           

                Grant Funding was secured & work has been completed to extend the runway on the North End of the Airport.  
                                                     Tender was awarded to Mike Johnson Excavating. 
  • Contractor cutting existing 200 mm AC @ point of tie. AC being cut with water continuously applied & two workers with Hazmat suits & masks.
  • Spacers being used are very robust, having spacers at slightly larger intervals than that specified in ToO std dwg C-3 should be no issue. Spacing of spacers is still less than specified by manufacturer.
  • Contractor preparing the 200 mm DR18 C900 PVC watermain (carrier pipe) as well as the 450 mm DR35 PVC casing. This included flushing each stick, use of bleach, mop and long push pole. Both bell and spigot were cleaned then pipe lube applied.

Design Overview

    • Relocate existing infrastructure (runway lighting, irrigation sprinklers & control valve) in preparation for runway extension.
    • Install 20m of 150Ø DR18 C900 PVC encased potable watermain, complete with interconnection to existing system.
    • Install 80m realignment of 200Ø Series 160 gasketed PVC irrigation watermain, complete with interconnection to existing system.
    • Realign, abandon, connect and commission all electrical components to make adjusted infrastructure operational.
    • 560m² of 75mm thick asphalt runway.

Oliver Airport Runway Extension Plan Details may be found here