Gallagher Lake Siphon Repair

Anticipated Project Completion: April 2022

Latest Update: December 2020 – Project Underway

  • Inlet structure ballast wall foundation complete.
  • First sections of 8ft concrete pipe installed.
  • Third concrete pour successfully completed.
  • Fish Fencing installed up and down stream of the Vaseux Creek Crossing.
  • Shoring work to temporarily divert Vaseux Creek was completed during the second week of December.

  • Sections of pipe were delivered to site.
  • Under ideal weather conditions the first Siphon Lift Station concrete pour was successfully completed Mid-November.
  • Second concrete pour was completed the following week.


 Project Background

    • In January 2016, a large rockfall occurred at Gallagher Lake, crushing the reinforced concrete siphon below which conveys irrigation water to agricultural properties in the RDOS Area C. An internal repair was completed, during which time a 1.2 meter diameter pipe was grouted in place. This repair has allowed for continued use of the canal, operating at a 32% reduction in supply capacity.
    • Repair and re-routing options were reviewed by the Town and Osoyoos Indian Band. The life cycle costs for construction, operation and maintenance led to the final design presented herein.

Design Overview

    • A large diameter pipe will connect to the concrete open channel canal north of Vaseux Creek.
    • Irrigation water will travel under Vaseux Creek following the same route as the existing canal crossing.
    • Irrigation water will flow into a pump station near the outlet of the existing canal crossing.
    • Irrigation water will travel from the pump station through a 1.5 meter diameter pipe down the road Right of Way north of the Country Pines Mobile Home Park.
    • It will travel south on Highway 97 between the highway and Gallagher Lake Frontage Road.
    • The pipe will then cross Highway 97, travel across Osoyoos Indian Band reserve land and reconnect to the existing open channel canal.


    • Anticipated Project Cost – $11,475,024
    • Funding Sources – $5,000,000 from the Province of BC, and $6,480,000 from the Town of Oliver

 More details on the project may be found here

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