Gallagher Lake Siphon Repair

“We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries”


Anticipated Project Completion: April 2022

Latest Update: May 2021 – Project Underway

  • This week installing the 1500mm PVC pipe between the Gallagher Lake Frontage Road and Highway 97 was exclusively worked on. The crew continued in a southerly direction towards the Osoyoos Indian Band lands and by weeks had placed 122m of pipe.
  • The active site is clean and organized and all crews are working in a safe manner. Road construction signs and safety fencing are set up through the active excavation along Highway 97 and Gallagher Lake Frontage Road. Minor traffic interruptions along the frontage road were managed by traffic flaggers and Highway 97 speed has been reduced to 50 kph through the site.
  • Two members of the archaeology team were on site to monitor the excavation. They worked closely with the lead H&M excavator operator during all excavations.
  • H&M has temporarily stopped the siphon pipe excavation down Highway 97 just north of the Gallagher Lake Frontage Road intersection and is waiting for FortisBC to re-route existing gas lines that cross the excavation. The area is left secured and fenced. FortisBC has experienced construction delays on this portion and has advised H&M that all construction will now be completed on May 31. H&M is planning to re-start this portion of the excavation on June 1.
  • This weeks work was installing the 1500mm PVC pipe just east of Highway 97, working easterly towards the partially completed lift station. By weeks end over 123m of pipe was installed with work along this section set to continue all next week.
  • Archaeology testing is substantially complete along the proposed siphon alignment. The archaeology team was on site to monitor the FortisBC gas line installation along the Gallagher Lake Frontage Road.

  • Excavation has begun between Highway 97 and the Gallagher Lake Frontage Road. With the use of a steel trench shoring ‘cage’ to reduce the size of the cut, the 1500mm diameter PVC pipe is being installed between the two roads.
  • The 2021 irrigation system is now underway: water level is now operating at seasonal norms, and all permanent and temporary structures are functioning as designed.
  • Steel pipe casings were installed across the north end of Highway 97, four sections of PVC pipe have now been installed through this casing.
  • Archaeology testing is still underway near the culturally sensitive area.

  • Steel decking was added to the inlet structure.
  • Lift station is being prepared to hold water for the coming irrigation season.
  • Vaseux Creek restoration is nearing completion, many of the trees and shrubs that were originally removed during creek excavation were placed on the creek side slope.
  • Backfilling over and around the inlet pipe connection to the pump station has been completed.
  • Archaeology testing is underway near the culturally sensitive area.


  • Vaseux Creek stream bed restoration was completed.
  • Final sections of the 8 foot concrete have been installed.
  • Joints inside the 8 foot concrete pipe have been grouted.
  • Work around 8 foot concrete pipe at connection point to the Lift Station has commenced.
  • Thick, protective concrete slabs have been placed over the 8 foot concrete pipe under active portion of Vaseux Creek.
  • Final 11 sections of spillway box culvert have been placed.

  • Walls and Columns of Lift Station continue to be formed and poured.
  • Sections of 8ft concrete pipe continue to be installed.
  • Third concrete pour successfully completed.
  • Fish Fencing installed up and down stream of the Vaseux Creek Crossing.
  • Shoring work to temporarily divert Vaseux Creek was completed during the second week of December.

  • Sections of pipe were delivered to site.
  • Under ideal weather conditions the first Siphon Lift Station concrete pour was successfully completed Mid-November.
  • Second concrete pour was completed the following week.


 Project Background

    • In January 2016, a large rockfall occurred at Gallagher Lake, crushing the reinforced concrete siphon below which conveys irrigation water to agricultural properties in the RDOS Area C. An internal repair was completed, during which time a 1.2 meter diameter pipe was grouted in place. This repair has allowed for continued use of the canal, operating at a 32% reduction in supply capacity.
    • Repair and re-routing options were reviewed by the Town and Osoyoos Indian Band. The life cycle costs for construction, operation and maintenance led to the final design presented herein.

Design Overview

    • A large diameter pipe will connect to the concrete open channel canal north of Vaseux Creek.
    • Irrigation water will travel under Vaseux Creek following the same route as the existing canal crossing.
    • Irrigation water will flow into a pump station near the outlet of the existing canal crossing.
    • Irrigation water will travel from the pump station through a 1.5 meter diameter pipe down the road Right of Way north of the Country Pines Mobile Home Park.
    • It will travel south on Highway 97 between the highway and Gallagher Lake Frontage Road.
    • The pipe will then cross Highway 97, travel across Osoyoos Indian Band reserve land and reconnect to the existing open channel canal.


    • Anticipated Project Cost – $11,475,024
    • Funding Sources – $5,000,000 from the Province of BC, and $6,480,000 from the Town of Oliver

 More details on the project may be found here

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