Emergency Preparedness

Disasters and emergency events have shown the need for individuals to be prepared to look after themselves, their families and pets for a minimum of 72 hours.  There are many sources for important information.

It is recommended you start with either the Federal emergency preparedness home page, or the Provincial emergency preparedness home page. Both sites provide great information on how you can be ready in case of an emergency.

  1. Know the Hazards
  2. Make a Plan
  3. Build a Kit

Canadian Red Cross – www.redcross.ca

Companion Animals – Pets and Livestock – for assisting with planning or evacuating companion animals, please call the Animal Lifeline Emergency Response Team – ALERT – 250 809 7152. ALERT Website.

If an Evacuation Order is put in place for your location, First Responders, such as Police, Fire, Search and Rescue, or local government staff, will come to your door or property to provide you the Order and information on where to register as an evacuee.

Spring Flooding Response – COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, all British Columbians have a role to play in slowing its spread and minimizing its impact. That includes ensuring freshet readiness activities are conducted safely.  For COVID-19 Sandbagging Guidelines – click here 

In British Columbia, property owners are responsible for taking the necessary steps on their property to protect their home and property from flooding, while government emergency programs focus on broader flood response measures.

The Town of Oliver will provide sand and sandbags for property owners as needed, in addition to information about sandbag placement. During a flooding emergency,

Emergency Management BC (EMBC) may assist with funding for response works such as tiger dams, sand and sandbags, and other emergency resources.

Sandbagging General Information:

Construct sandbag wall (dike) on high ground, as close as possible to your home or building. Sandbagging closer to your home or building requires fewer bags and is less exposed to water. Sandbags must be neatly stacked. Joints between rows and layers of sandbags should be lapped or staggered to improve strength; this will reduce water seepage.

Sandbagging Video:  https://youtu.be/thZwVWyXjMQ

Sandbagging Notes

    • If you require assistance with sandbagging, please connect with your friends, family or volunteer organizations.
    • The Town of Oliver does not deliver sand or sandbags to private residences or businesses
    • Filled sandbags are not available from the Town of Oliver

Are you Prepared?

Know your Hazards – Click Here

One Step at a Time – Click Here

Neighbourhood Preparedness Guide – Click Here

Flood Information – Click Here

For more information go to the Government of Canada Website – Get Prepared

To learn about volunteering for Emergency Support Services in case of an evacuation go to https://oliver.ca/volunteer-opportunities/.

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