Flushable Wipes Creating Havoc

Flushable Wipes Creating Havoc

For Immediate Release

March 18, 2020


Place wipes in Garbage Containers

Residents are asked to place used disinfectant or sanitary wipes in garbage containers and not to flush down toilets.  Flushing wipes causes havoc with the Town of Oliver’s sewer system, plugging up gravity lines and pumps resulting in additional maintenance.

With increased use of antiseptic wipes or similar products it is important that these items are disposed of in your regular curbside garbage.  Toilet paper is designed to disintegrate into pulp and move easily through the process of sewage or septic treatment.


Residents should also avoid disposing of flushable wipes, paper towels, reinforced paper towels or hygiene related products down the toilet.  These products can seriously affect the operations of sewer infrastructure by building up, attracting other solid materials, clogging pipes and treatment plant equipment.  Wastewater operators have to engage in the very unpleasant task of finding and extracting these blockages, given the nickname of “fatburgs”.  These foreign objects can clog sewer lines and the Town wants to ensure maintaining these essential services to its residents.


This reminder is to avoid any disruption to essential sewer system operations, damage to infrastructure, downtime for removal of impactions, safety of wastewater workers and inconvenience to the public.




Shawn Goodsell

Town of Oliver

250 485 6213

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