Official Community Plan Review & Update

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The Town of Oliver is now in the last steps of the review and update to the Official Community Plan for the Community.

Over the summer and early fall, the team completed a draft of the updated OCP and presented it at an Open House on October 13th, 2016 (Elks Hall). It was also reviewed at two special open Council sessions on October 14th and 28th, 2016.

The current draft includes input provided by residents, community and business groups and other stakeholders through the first round of engagement and the recently completed Community Survey. We’ve posted a copy of the Draft OCP for the public to review as well.

OCP reorganization highlights and revisions include:

Population and development capacity projections have been updated
Coordinated and improved chapter structure
Permitted uses are more clearly and consistently stated for land use designations
Key Council 2016 Strategic Plan actions are included as OCP actions
Downtown revitalization highlighted throughout OCP (as directed by public input)
New policy chapters on Economic Development and Community Health and Wellbeing

What’s next?

The draft Official Community Plan will be presented to Council at the February 27, 2017 meeting for first and second readings.  Following the legislative process the Town will hold a Public Hearing to receive final input from the community.

Public Hearing (Tentative Date)   March 13, 2017, Council Chambers


Current Draft - Official Community Plan Bylaw 1370

Map Schedules:

Schedule ‘B’ (Official Community Plan Map)


Schedule ‘D’ (Parks and Recreation and Trails Network Map)

Schedule ‘E’ (Transportation Network Map)

Schedule ‘F’ (Form and Character Development Permit Areas Map)

Schedule ‘G’ (Environmentally Sensitive Development Permit Area Map)


The following information provides background information regarding the development of the new Official Community Plan.


Previous reports and information


DRAFT Oliver OCP PREVIOUS Bylaw 1370  


PREVIOUS Map Schedules


Read the Community Survey Report here.

Slide show presentation from the October 6th Official Community Plan Open House here.

Public Engagement Strategy


Community Profile


Open House Report



March 2016


September 2016


Why are we reviewing and updating our OCP?

An OCP should be re-examined and updated every 10-years or so to ensure that it continues to reflect the long-range planning objectives of the community. Occasional updates also ensure that an OCP remains consistent with other procedures, bylaws and government implementation tools.

The Town of Oliver’s current OCP was adopted in 2004, with occasional amendments since then. This review and update looks to address the new opportunities and challenges that have emerged in the 12 years since the last OCP was adopted and to better reflect the current context and relevant changes taking place in Oliver. 

The updated OCP also needs to be aligned with the South Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy (RGS), which was adopted, by the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen in 2011 and municipalities throughout the region, including the Town of Oliver, Town of Osoyoos, City of Penticton and the District of Summerland. This RGS alignment will include the definition and implementation of Urban Growth Boundary for Oliver as directed by the RGS. 

Who’s working on it?

As a community plan, we will be working hard to engage residents, business owners, community groups, and other local stakeholders through focus groups and other outreach (e.g., surveys, open houses, community events).

We will also be working with Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen planning staff (who provide day-to-day planning support for Oliver) and an experienced consultant team to help support our staff with this project.

The consultant team includes EcoPlan ( and the Arlington Group

(, both of whom have worked on projects in the area, including here in Oliver (Smart Growth on the Ground Oliver).




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