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DVP 2019-016 Development Variance Permit (DVP) Warren Brown (Desert Valley Consulting Limited) 7098 Tuc-el-Nuit Drive To remove an existing DVP condition requiring alternate setbacks.  This will allow for the development of a new single detached dwelling.

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Development Plans

Draft DVP 2019-016

DVP 2002-01

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Staff Report

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Z2019-15 Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw Amendments Not applicable (Town of Oliver) Not applicable
(Tuc-el-Nuit Lake)
To introduce regulations governing the placement of docks on that part of Tuc-el-Nuit Lake within the Town of Oliver’s boundaries

Staff Report (2019-04-23)

Draft OCP Amendment Bylaw 1370.08

Draft Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1380.09

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Public Notice
Z2019-05 Zoning Bylaw Amendment (textual) Not applicable (Town of Oliver) Not applicable (textual amendments)

to undertake the following:

  • introduce a new definition of “retaining wall”;
  • amend the definition of “structure”
  • clarify that a “projection” from a building shall not cross a parcel line;
  • introduce a new height exemption for fences constructed on top of a retaining (i.e. they shall not be lower than 1.2 metres and not higher than 1.8 metres above the abutting higher parcel);
  • introduce new on-site vehicle parking ratio for persons with disabilities; and
clarify the on-site vehicle parking requirements for visitor parking at apartment buildings and townhouses.

Staff Report (2019-04-08)

Staff Report (2019-04-23)

Draft Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1380.07

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Public Notice
Z2019-10 OCP & Zoning Bylaw Amendments

Jeff Waters

5931 Airport Street To allow for the development of a 94-unit affordable housing complex

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Site Plan

Parking Regulations Assessment

Environmental Site Assessment

Draft OCP Amendment Bylaw 1370.07

Draft Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1380.08

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2018-024 Development Variance Permit (DVP) Ron Ethier 5830 Okanagan Street To vary the maximum parcel coverage from 40% to 42% in order to allow for the development of a 3-unit residential building

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Draft DVP 2018-24

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Zoning and OCP Bylaw Amendment JMF Construction 6380 Okanagan Street To rezone from Medium Density Residential (MR) to Medium Density Residential Two (RM2)

Application Form

Draft OCP Amendment Bylaw 1370.06

Draft Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1380.06

Referral Sheet

Zoning Bylaw Amendment Balwant Sekhon & Kirandeep Sekhon 5851 Main Street To rezone from Service Commercial One (CS1) to Highway Commercial Site Specific (C2s)

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Draft Amendment Bylaw 1380.05

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Bylaws and Regulations

Selected bylaws related to development can be obtained on our Bylaw documents.

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