Food Action Plan

Food Action Plan

December 2016 Update -

Thanks for everyone who attended the Community Planning Forum!  We had a good turn out of about 30 very engaged people and collected some great input for the plan.  At this stage, we are getting towards the end of Phase 2 and it is time to synthesize all the information we have gathered to date into a Background Report.  A first draft will be provided mid-January for the Town to review, the report will be updated and then presented to the Advisory at a February meeting for discussion.

After finalizing the Food Secure Oliver Background Report, the document will be shared with you as well as posted on the project website.  Phase 3 of this process involves establishing the plan framework (vision, mission, goals) and reaching out to stakeholders to determine actions and priorities.  We anticipate this engagement to happen over February and March.  

Please to advise that two members of the community have volunteered to serve on the Committee - Chris Van Hooydonk (Backyard Farms) and Shelley Covert (Covert Farms).  The South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce will be selecting a member for their representation.

Thanks for everyone’s work to date!  We are off to a great start and are keen to get busy in the new year.


As part of Food Secure Oliver, a new planning initiative, the Town of Oliver is hosting a Community Planning forum where community members may share their ideas and perspectives and help develop a plan for food security in Oliver and Area C.

If you are involved with and interested in food and food security in Oliver and Area C, click on the link below to register to attend the Food Forum.

The Food Action Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

The purpose of the 3-year project is to build upon recent food security work and through community engagement, hiring a contracted human resource consultant, forming a Food Action Committee, developing a Community Food Security Plan for Oliver, adopting that plan for implementation and commencing the implementation process.  The implementation phase would include formally embedding the Plan into existing local government processes, such as the Official Community plan and any relevant bylaws.   The desired outcome is a systematic approach to ensuring year-round access to safe, affordable, locally sourced nutritious food for Oliver and Area C residents.  

For current updates, please watch the Food Advisory Agendas Page.

Food Security Plan Activities

The Town of Oliver is excited to announce that two consultants, Casey Hamilton and Janine de la Salle, will be working with the town and community members on the Food Action Plan project. The advisory committee for the project will be meeting for the first time with the consultants on September 20th, 2:00 – 4:00 pm, Council Chambers. 

You can look forward to hearing more about Food Security over the coming months, including a Food Forum being planned for November (Date TBA). Casey will also soon be reaching out to many stakeholders to learn more about the work you are involved with. Please join the Town in this virtual introduction to Casey and Janine.


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