Business Licencing

Business Licencing 

All businesses located in or providing services inside the Town of Oliver must be in possession of a valid business licence. Licences may be purchased at the Town Hall (6150 Main Street) during regular office hours. 

Business licences run for the full calendar year and are pro-rated for businesses starting up part way through the year. The standard business licence fee is $100 per year, except for certain types of businesses listed below.

Please see Business Licencing Bylaw for more information.

To apply for a business licence, please fill in the business licence application and forward to or Town of Oliver Box 638, Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

Downtown business area

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The annual fee for a business licence for all classifications of businesses shall be $100.00, except for the following:


Home based small business (sole proprietor, no employees) 75.00

All light and heavy commercial/industrial undertakings, including automotive, RV, equipment and machinery dealerships 150.00

Transportation of goods and/or people 100.00

Hotel or motel 200.00

Hotel or Motel operating own restaurant &/or lounge 350.00

Itinerant show or entertainment * One licence per event 100.00

Mail order & catalogue shopping depot 200.00

Bank or Credit Union 200.00

Liquor Establishment / Restaurant / Lounge 150.00

Supermarket 200.00

Professionals one to five professionals 100.00

six or more professionals 200.00

Seasonal businesses:

a) Snow removal (October – March) 50.00

b) Yard Maintenance (April – September) 50.00

c) Mobile Concession (April – September) 50.00

d) Any other seasonal type business 50.00

Application Form

To download a printable business licence application form in PDF format, click here. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free) installed on your computer to use this file.

What happens when I apply?

In addition to a zoning check, the Building inspector will check to see if your building is up to the standards of the British Columbia Building Code with regard to health, fire and life safety standards for your proposed class of business. If you are opening a food-related business, approval will also be required from the Provincial Health Inspector.

Once your property meets the above requirements and your fee is paid a business licence will be issued. In future years, annual permit fees are due not later than January 15, in order to avoid penalties.

What are Business Licence fees used for?

The South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce currently receives funding from the Town of Oliver, based on the net annual business licence revenues, which total approximately $25,000 per year.

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