Automated Cart Program

Automated Waste Collection

Garbage Pick-Up Dates Have Changed for the Town of Oliver -  (Monday or Friday)

The New Automated Carts

Automated waste collection is becoming the standard for curbside garbage pick up and it is an efficient and safe program.  Carts have proven to be a clean and convenient way to roll your waste to the curb. 

Cart sizes can be changed and are subject to additional fees (see cart change-out form below for fees) along with a $32 administrative. If you have previously made a change but received an incorrect size contact the Town and leave a message at 250-485-6203. 

Pick up days as of July 2, 2018 will be Monday if your property is located north of Fairview Road and Park Drive and it will be Friday if your property is located south of Fairview Road and Park Drive.

If you have mechanical problems, your garbage was not collected or your carts have been stolen, please contact Waste Connection of Canada directly at 250-498-4888.

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